Leonardo's Machines: Da Vinci's Inventions Revealed

The work of Leonardo da Vinci has always been recognized as that of true genius, and yet his coded notebooks, diagrams - and the secrets that lie within them - have been shrouded in mystery and misconception. Scholars have studied the codices and notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, searching for the truths hidden behind the thousands of notes and drawings within them; inevitably these intricate works have often been misunderstood or misinterpreted. However, now, for the very first time, this unique volume provides a privileged insight into the secrets and inventions held within these infamous works. This unique volume combines work from the original secret, coded, notebooks along with modern computer imaging, to piece together over 30 of Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical inventions into a sensational set of never-seen-before artworks. From Leonardo da Vinci's descriptions and drawings - and by using digital imaging - armoured ships, hydraulic machinery, winches and machines destined for use in war, work and pleasure emerge fully equipped and functional in stunning 3-dimensional, computer-generated artworks. A fascinating in-depth discussion of da Vinci's work and inventions accompanies these illustrations, revealing at the same time the incredible journey the authors of this book travelled whilst compiling it. * Annotated 3-dimensional diagrams show every working part of the machinery, demonstrating in incredibly accurate detail exactly how the machines would have operated * Incredible recreations of the finished inventions show how they would have been used in contemporary life * Machines explored here range from work machines, manned flying machines and mechanical bridges to musical instruments and devastating circular tanks * In-depth analysis of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions reveal the stories that led the authors to the finished designs a, and what can be learnt from them The result of many years of research, this volume succeeds in breaking through the web of symbols and drawings used by the maestro to record his imaginative inventions, thus providing indispensable reading for all Leonardo da Vinci enthusiasts.