Legitimizing Scientific Knowledge: An Introduction to Steve Fuller's Social Epistemology

The first book to provide an in-depth examination of Steve Fuller's politically oriented social epistemology, Legitimizing Scientific Knowledge compares Fuller's social epistemology with both interest-oriented sociologies of knowledge and truth-oriented analytic social epistemologies. A ground-breaking and controversial philosopher of science, Steve Fuller has devoted much of his work to the issue of scientific authority, examining how it is constructed and how it is appropriated. Fuller is perhaps best known for recommending the political legitimization of scientific knowledge and rationality as an alternative to the traditional epistemological legitimization and to postmodern rejections of the legitimization project. Author Francis Remedios provides important criticisms of Fuller's position and Fuller's responses to philosophical debates, as well as reconstructions of Fuller's arguments. The result is a carefully argued, in-depth analysis of the work of a very important philosopher of science.