Leadership and the Force of Love: Six Keys to Motivating with Love

'In this wonderful new book, John R Hoyle writes about the one four-letter word that leaders most avoid but should not-love. He shares his understanding that the quickest way to the head is through the heart and leaders who can't love, can't lead' - Paul D Houston, Executive Director American Association of School Administrators 'This heartwarming book is vintage John R Hoyle - filled with insight and joy, the message is clear - love, you can't lead without it! A must read for every member of your administrative team - Thomas J Sergiovanni, Ed.D. Lillian Radford Professor of Education and Administration Trinity University, Texas 'John R Hoyle has written a powerful and very readable book about the force of love in producing champions in sports, business, education, and government. His real life stories and examples are filled with advice, humour, and inspiration to jump-start your leadership efforts. A must read for your management team and friends' - Gene Stallings, Coach National Champions Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team John R Hoyle previous book, Leadership and Futuring: Making Visions Happen, (Corwin Press 1995) continues to be a bestseller of The World Future Society five years after publication. In 1999, he received the first Living Legend Award at the National Conference of Professors of Educational Administration. In his book Leadership and the Force of Love: Six Keys to Motivating with Love, John R Hoyle emphasizes that without love, violence, distrust, and poor quality will continue to disable productivity in many workplaces. His book examines the many different forms of love, how people think about love today, and the positive effects loving leadership can have from the classroom to the conference room. Leadership and the Force of Love: Six Keys to Motivating with Love is intended for leaders in any industry. Its contents focus on teamwork and ways to communicate with love, mentoring, and vision. The book highlights motivation and empowerment as the keys to success.