Le Casque Allemand: Du M35 Au M42

The German helmet has become over time a myth. Its silhouette has always been a prominent object, the vintage posters or modern filmmakers were quick to use. The helmet symbolizes the greatness but also the madness of men. It is now up to the story and it became an object of desire worldwide. If headphones are something simple at first glance, it is not so in reality. Our book will deliver most of its known secrets only a few insiders. Its secrets and details will be described here in the pages. All will be revealed, as autopsy. The shape of the rivets insignia in through manufacturers and models. It will cover both the jugular as paints or strapping. This book will provide you with the keys for a good purchase and you will avoid the pitfalls of counterfeiters or other hackers who do not hesitate to make false paintings and markings on all models of M35 M42 end of war. A reference book was born.