Lasik and Lasik Complications

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Lasik technique has gained popularity and acceptance in the world which confirms its efficacy and safety. Quick recovery absence of pain and outstanding outcomes are the reasons of the continuous success of lasik treatment. The experts from the field of refractive surgery share their experience in lasik techniques and complications they have dealt with during the course of their practice. There are numerous instructions recorded by experts in their respective specialty and the nuances of their technique, complicated cases as well as the detailed medical/surgical approach that led to a successful outcome, are also presented. It provides tips and equips the reader with medically oriented information that serves as a blue print for the successful operation of a refractive surgery of a patient. This book provides insights into the psyche of the refractive surgery patient and guidelines for proper technical procedures. Describes the procedure of presbyopic multifocal lasik and how best to provide skills transfer to our peers and juniors.Informs in detail about Presby-Lasik, presbyopia correction with scientific evidence, for the treatment of emmetropespresbops, myop-pressbyops, and hyperopicpresbyops. This book serves best who desire to become confident with the surgical techniques of refractive surgery.