Landscape and Structures: A Personal Inventory of Jurg Conzett

'Landscape and Structures' presents civil engineering structures which stand out by virtue of their special relationship with the Swiss landscape, such as bridges, footbridges, tunnels, retaining walls, passageways etc., i.e. structures serving traffic routes. Jurg Conzett, internationally renowned structural engineer, has curated the exhibition at the Swiss pavilion within the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale in autumn 2010. Together with photographer Martin Linsi he has focused his interest on works of architectural merit that take account not just of engineering and efficiency, but also of the responses they evoke in the individuals using or looking at them. The book documents also the interplay between the cultural heritage movement and questions of the design of engineering works and highlights the Swiss tradition of relying on local materials and craftsmanship. Conzett's aim is to illustrate the engineer's view on works that have great meaning for him, personally and professionally.