La Cornemuse Du D-Day

allies on route to Normandy, every soldier who has to tread its beaches and sometimes die, is prey to seasickness, anguish in. fear, haunted by the image of a loved one left behind. Suddenly the shrill sound of a bagpipe and galvanizing gushes speakers flooded bridges and air tanks resulting in the Road to the Isles followed by The Skye Boat Song . It's madness on board the fleet; repressed anxiety, fear. Men, worn by the exhilarating music, toss their berets. Therefore, Bill Millin accompany his bagpipes landing, their sacrifice and victory. The hero and his legend were born. In this book, Bill Millin tells her to stay in the Achnacarry Green Berets in Scotland, his landing and the Battle of Normandy that through unscathed amid fighting with his legendary bagpipe whose sound galvanized Major Howard and his men who took and held the Pegasus Bridge on the night of June 5 to 6, 1944. A fantastic testimony that takes us mysterious Scottish moors to the beaches of Normandy fouaillees by shrapnel. A man entered the living legend.