Kidex for Threes: Practicing Competent Child Care

Mixed media product
Kidex for Three's: Practicing Competent Child Care promotes excellent communication and consistency for three year old children and aids in keeping detailed descriptions of each child s personal profile as well as a schedule for each individual room in a group child care setting. Suggestions for best practice care are integrated throughout the resource coupled with information to acquaint you with typical and atypical three year old behavior. Kidex for Three : Practicing Competent Child Cares assists you in developing a Kidex class book similar to a classroom operating manual that includes individual profiles for each child, group schedules, monthly checklists for important milestones of development, and planned activities to accompany each month. Many other documents to help manage the classroom are provided. These documents pertain to safety, hygiene, sanitation, communication, providing for children and their families, and articles for parents. Maintaining current information assures all children will receive consistent, competent care every day.