Is it Christmas?

Every morning Baby Bear asks, 'Is it Christmas?'And Grandbear replies, 'Just a few more sleeps and it will be. 'But there's lots to be done, from tidying the house to digging up the tree and decorating. Each page is filled with the wonderment and anticipation of Christmas, and at the end there's a special surprise - the whole family have come to share Baby Bear's Christmas! Prater's wonderfully atmospheric pre-school Christmas story is filled with all the anticipation of getting ready for the big day. -'Is it Christmas?' asks Baby Bear one morning. 'No, not yet, but after a few more sleeps, it will be' says Grandbear. Baby Bear can hardly wait! But first, there's lots to be done - some special visitors are coming!Each page is filled with all the wonderment and anticipation of Christmas for little ones to share.