Inside Networks: A Process View on Multi-Organisational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks

This book advances our understanding of interaction processes in multi-organisational partnerships, alliances and networks. By adopting a relational approach on collaboration, control, learning, conflict in and failure of inter-organisational relationships and networks, the book attempts to fill an existing gap in the literature. In so doing, it poses and answers leading questions such as: Which processes matter inside inter-organisational relationships and networks? What are the consequences of relations within them? The contributors' approach is relatively novel in the field of network studies: the process or relational stance taken complements existing knowledge on structural characteristics of inter-organisational relationships and networks. A number of key processes essential to their functioning and performance are addressed, and a future research agenda for structuralist, interactionist and combined approaches is recommended. Academics and practitioners focussing on organisation studies in general, and inter-organisational network research more specifically, will find this book a compelling read, as will consultants in inter-organisational collaboration and relationships.