Information, Innovation and Impacts

Information, Innovation and Impacts - a joint project between the Program of Research in International Management and Economy (PRIME) at the University of Ottawa and Statistics Canada - brings together economic, social and statistical views of the impacts of the innovative uses of information. It examines the costs as well as the benefits of rapidly expanding availability of data, of information, and of codified knowledge, and it provides suggestions for future work and research. This project fits into an on-going research program at Statistics Canada to develop indicators for science and technology (S&T) in a more coherent manner, and it fits into the research program of PRIME to better understand the dynamics of innovation in an information economy. Together, Statistics Canada and PRIME strive to tell the story of the activities in S&T systems, their interactions, and the outcomes as actors go about the generation, transmission, or mediation of knowledge, information, and of data, as part of the effective functioning of the system.