Influence Function Approach: Selected Topics of Structural Mechanics

Structural mechanics is the study of the effects that forces of different physical origin (mechanical, thermal, magnetic and so on) produce on elements of structures such as cables, pillars, beams, plates and shells. This book covers a few topics of the undergraduate/graduate course of structural mechanics and is not, therefore, indented as a principle text. The goal in designing this volume was limited to the development of supplementary text for the course. It can be helpful as such for other core courses in the mechanical/civil engineering curriculum.On the other hand, since mathematical aspects of the discussion were always in the author's mind, the chosen language of presentation gives a hope that this book could also attract mathematics majors in the curriculum of applied or industrial mathematics. As to the applied mathematics curriculum, the book can be adapted as a graduate text for a course of computational mechanics where a student could use strong mathematical background in modelling and solving actual problems from mechanics.The book is intended as a supplementary text for core undergraduates/graduate courses in the structural/civil mechanics curriculum, it could also be helpful as such in the applied mathematics curriculum. Engineers involved in structural design industry can also benefit from the text.