In Time of War: Hampshire

Readers of John Leete's first book about the New Forest during the Second World War will welcome this new volume, which brings together much more material on the county as a whole from the same period to add depth to the story. The Forest was on the front line of the massive build-up to and launch of the invasion of Europe in June 1944. Although many parts of the country contributed to the final assault, it was Hampshire that was used as the primary assembly and departure point. There were over 100,000 troops under canvas in the New Forest, thousands of vehicles parked in the lanes and on the roads throughout the area. There were many thousands of ships off the coastline in the waters of the Solent. Using photographs, stills from archive films, re-enactments and first-hand accounts, all of which are previously unpublished, this new book gives another fascinating insight into the social and military history of this unique part of England, which today is one of Europe's top visitor destinations.