In Search of the Trojan War

For thousands of years we have been enthralled by tales of Troy and its heroes. Achilles and Hector, Paris and the famed beauty Helen remain some of the most enduring figures in art and literature. But did these titanic characters really walk the earth? Was there ever an actual siege of Troy? In this new, extensively revised edition Michael Wood takes account of the latest dramatic developments in the search for Troy. A new preface, a new final chapter and an addendum to the bibliography bring his wide-ranging study of the complex, archaeological, literary and historical records up to date. Detailing the rediscovery in Moscow of the so-called jewels of Helen and the re-excavation of the site of Troy begun in 1988, which continues to yield new evidence about the historical city, this superbly illustrated book takes a fresh look at some of the most exciting discoveries in archaeology.