How to Make Your Own Video or Short Film: All You Need to Know to Make Your Ideas Shine

New technologies now offer accessibility to the medium of video and film for virtually anyone who feels they have something to say. You might be: someone who wants to create a video to share online; someone who wants to record and document everyday events that happen around you; a charity worker wanting to highlight the plight of the less fortunate, or a journalist keen to use film to explore social issues; an artist or a writer eager to experiment within an an audio visual medium; anyone who wants to step into a world of discovery and challenge, and learn new skills along the way.This book offers an abundance of hints, tips and practical advice that will help emerging film-makers discover an exciting form of expression, either for personal satisfaction or to make their mark in a highly competitive industry. It includes: deciding what kind of film you want to make; choosing a camera; choosing your subject matter; dealing with copyright; using music to enhance your film; working with professional actors; researching information and avoiding location problems; production meetings; budgets; schedules; conducting interviews for docum Contents: Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The Wonders of Choice; 2. The Film Legacy; 3. Deciding on an Approach; 4. A New Box of Tricks; 5. Evaluating Your Options; 6. Nothing Is What It Seems; 7. Mixing Your Ingredients; 8. Avoiding Unnecessary Complications; 9. Plan Ahead; 10. The Creative Framework; 11. Communication is Key; 12. Practical Magic; 13. In the Hot Seat; 14. On the Shoot; 15. The Mechanics of Editing; 16. Piecing the Jigsaw Together; 17. Reaching Your Audience; 18. New Frontiers; Further Reading; Index.