How to Get the Most Out of Sales Meetings: 50 Proven Techniques to Improve Selling Skills

This book provides everything you need to plan and conduct effective sales meetings. How to Get the Most Out of Sales Meetings is a handy, all-in-one guide to conducting meetings that will motivate your sales team, sharpen their selling skills, and make them win more sales. Fifty model meeting plans provide dozens of ideas, selling techniques, practice scenarios, and role plays. The meetings focus on listening skills, developing strong customer relationships, being professional, building self confidence - and how to make a successful sales presentation. This book will mean thousands of dollars of increased sales to any sales manager who uses even a small portion of Jim Dance's suggestions and recommendations. - Bill Cochran, President Speakers USA, Inc. How to Get the Most Out of Sales Meetings goes far beyond what a sales manager may be looking for. This is not 50 sales meetings but rather a manual for sales managers to develop and improve their people...My recommendation is for all sales managers to read this book, refer to it on a daily basis, and use it to create high-powered sales producers. - Steve A. Klein, President Professional Development Center. Easily adaptable to any size group, How to Get the Most Out of Sales Meetings will make every sales session more lively, motivational and productive.