Harry Price: The Psychic Detective

Harry Price (1888-1948) was one of the most controversial psychic investigators of all time. He had his first psychical experience at the age of fifteen and dedicated his life to establishing the occult on a scientific and foolproof basis. Although a tireless self-promoter, Price was well aware of the lengths that people would go to both to delude others and themselves. He became famous for both promoting mediums and psychics and for debunking them, and for crossing swords with the Society for Psychical Research, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the editor of the Daily Mirror . He was wooed by the Nazis to establish a National Socialist institute for psychical research while his investigations included Borley Rectory in Essex, described as the most haunted house in England, the claims of a medium to be able to turn a goat into a man and a talking mongoose on the Isle of Man! But there was more to Price than psychical research. Richard Morris' fascinating book investigates the truth about Harry Price and reveals whether he was a charlatan or a gifted pseudo-scientist.