Guide to Teaching 14-19

Paperback / softback
This practically-focused, evidence-informed, perceptive book by James Ogunleye will be essential reading for teachers of 14-19 year olds in FE for a long time to come, and I thoroughly commend it to you. - Dr Jill Jameson, Series Editor. This is a delightfully practical guide for lecturers on how to teach students aged 14 to 19 effectively. James Ogunleye's fascinating book provides readers with: a summary of the full range of academic and vocational qualifications available to 14 to 19 year olds; an overview of the current and recent national agenda for 14-19 education and training; illuminating insights into 14-19 year olds' views about teaching and learning; a full range of practical teaching techniques for lecturers which have been tried and tested at the chalk-face; an extensive list of useful publications and resources. This book should prove invaluable reading for all those working in 14-19 education.