Growing Up in Europe Today: Developing Identities Among Adolescents

This fascinating study examines young people's understanding across Europe of the relationship between the individual and society: their views on social inclusiveness, tolerance of diversity and exclusion. It looks at ethnicity, social friendships and relationships, and at children's understanding of the issues of citizenship - power, justice, rights and responsibilities - in a number of European nation states. The book is the sixth in a series on current developments and research. Published in association with CiCe - the European Union Thematic Network Programme 'Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe' - the volumes offer reflection, analysis and contextualisation of recent findings, locate these in pedagogic practice, and point to their educational implications. Following on from the successful study of Emerging Identities among Young Children: European issues, this collection considers the teenage years. Together the two books, numbers 5 and 6 in the series: European issues in Children's Identity and Citizenship , analyse what is different and what is unchanging about the way children establish their identities in the context of rapidly shifting social, political, economic and cultural conditions in Europe. The contributors come from across Europe. They explore the construction of identities in multicultural states, of being for example a Muslim teenager in France, or a Chinese adolescent in the UK. The formation of stereotyped ideas is considered in the light of History and Geography teaching, computer-mediated communication, and the mass media. Also explored is how adolescents in Europe develop their identity as consumers. This book is for all professionals who work with young people in all disciplines and in the whole of Europe.