Great Yorkshire Beer: Good Beer. Good Food. Good People

This is the perfect gift for connoisseurs and those who just fancy a decent pint. It features complementary food recipes. Yorkshire. Green hills, jagged drystone walls, flat caps, Yorkshire puddings, and - of course - pint upon pint of tawny Yorkshire Ale. The Yorkshire Pint is revered across the world, a mark of quality and a guarantee of satisfaction and craftsmanship. Except there's much more to it than that - much, much more. The current boom in Craft and Microbrewing that the UK is seeing has exploded across Yorkshire, and the Yorkshire beer of today is more than just a pint of best. The new generation of Yorkshire brewers are breaking rules and traditions, resurrecting lost dynasties, soaking up influences from food and brewing in other countries and bringing a wave of fresh ideas to our beloved Yorkshire beer. Leigh Linley has spent time with a handful of the regions newest and most critically-acclaimed brewers from the region, from the south to east ridings - and Great Yorkshire Beer is their story. Each brewer is interviewed and their most successful beers are profiled. Food pairings for the beers run throughout.