Gone Pro, Alabama

Gone Pro: Alabama is a collection of biographies of 220 Crimson Tide athletes who went on to professional careers or Olympics success. Refresh your memory about their glory days at Alabama and find out what happened to them afterward, personally as well as professionally. Readers will recognize some of their favorites and learn about others who were heroes in their own generations. This book touches on multiple sports, although football has been the dominating sport in Alabama's sports history. Find out which Alabama quarterback turned in the greatest pro career: Ken Stabler, Bart Starr, or Joe Namath. The Crimson Tide has produced some stellar athletes in other sports as well. Joe Sewell made the Baseball Hall of Fame. Riggs Stephenson, Dave Magadan, Butch Hobson, Frank Lary, Al Worthington and others also starred in the major leagues, and Alex Avila and David Robertson have just started building their own legends. In basketball, Antonio McDyess, Gerald Wallace, Latrell Sprewell, T.R. Dunn, and Robert Big Shot Rob Horry made their names in the NBA--and so has Dominique Canty in the WNBA.