Global Versus Local Perspectives on Finance and Accounting: 19th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA 2018)

This proceedings volume examines accounting and financial issues and trends from both global and local economic perspectives. Featuring selected contributions presented at the 19th Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA) held in Prague, Czech Republic, this book offers a mixture of research methods and micro- and macroeconomic approaches to depict a detailed picture of the impact of global and local determinants on the globalized economy. The global perspectives versus local specifics make the volume useful for not only academics and scholars, but also for regulators and policy makers when deliberating the potential outcome of competing regulatory mechanisms. The Annual Conference on Finance and Accounting (ACFA) has become one of the biggest conferences in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region solely oriented to contemporary research in finance and accounting. Bringing together researchers and scholars from all over the world, the conference provides a platform in which thoughts, visions, and contemporary developments in the field of finance and accounting are discussed.