Global Tactical Asset Allocation

lmost everyone in the global investment community will have heard the buzz surrounding GTAA, for example the French state pension fund, the Fonds de reserve des retraites (FRR), tendering a GTAA mandate over its EUR 31 billion in assets. Most large institutional investors in the world are contemplating investing in GTAA products, but few are using it effectively. This compelling report is an essential introduction for portfolio managers, investors and pension fund trustees who want a better understanding of GTAA and the processes generating the investment returns. Written by true insiders working exclusively on GTAA, it is written in a language that every investment professional will clearly understand. It assumes little knowledge of this area, and by presenting and explaining exactly what GTAA is and with the help of case study examples of its use, you will gain all the tools you need to begin using GTAA to enhance returns on your portfolios.