Global Revolt: A Guide to the Movements against Globalization

Paperback / softback
'Don't Owe! Won't Pay!', 'Get Rid of them All!', 'No Patents on Life!', 'Food Sovereignty', 'Another World is Possible!' ... The struggles against corporate power and the institutions of globalization grow more courageous and confident year by year. Millions of people have already become active in rejecting corporate globalization and developing alternatives to it. Millions more know that something is terribly wrong and are ready to begin taking action. This book is for them. Amory Starr is author of Naming the Enemy, a book that foresaw the emergent anti-globalization network nearly a decade ago. Here she provides, in concise and engaging style and with activist insight: A history of the movements' emergence. An outline of their analyses and aims. A digest of the ongoing controversies and dilemmas. An inspiring compendium of popular tactics.