Give Me Liberty

Give Me Liberty is the story of a young woman's journey in 1953 from a small town in Michigan to New York City, where she struggles to fulfill her destiny. Eva Larkin dreamed of a writing career, but an unexpected pregnancy and marriage force her to set aside her dream as her life takes a completely different path. Soon Eva realizes that she is married to an alcoholic with a very bad temper, but blames herself and that smart mouth of hers for his violence and abuse. If she leaves him, she will be faced with raising a child on her own, at a time when divorce was neither common nor easily obtained. If she stays, her life may be in danger, and her son will be exposed to his father's rage and violence. This novel, funny at times and often disturbing, will leave the reader with a renewed awareness of how women's lives have changed in the past sixty years. Give Me Liberty is a story about strength, courage and determination that will resonate with men and women alike.