Gerontological Social Work Practice: Issues, Challenges, and Potential

What are the challenges facing gerontological social workers-today and in the near future? This book gives you an essential overview of the role, status, and potential of gerontological social work in aging societies around the world. Drawing on the expertise of leaders in the field, it identifies key policy and practice issues and suggests directions for the future. Here you'll find important perspectives on home health care, mental health, elder abuse, older workers' issues, and death and dying, as well as an examination of the policy and practice issues of utmost concern to social workers dealing with the elderly. With Gerontological Social Work Practice: Issues, Challenges, and Potential you'll explore: * the differences between real situations and what demographics lead one to expect * the need for social workers to focus on economic, political, and social issues in order to promote positive change * the long-term care insurance issues facing elderly Japanese citizens * a Canadian perspective on social work practice with aging people * practice techniques to use with aging African Americans * strengths-based and empowerment-oriented ways to work with frail elderly * the impact of multiculturalism on social policy * and much more!