Geoscientific Research in Northeast Africa: Proceedings of the International Conference, Northeast Africa, Berlin, Germany, 17-19 June 1993

This book focuses on many approaches towards a better understanding of the geological, hydrogeological and paleoclimatic evolution of NE Africa. This volume contains 135 extended abstracts written by authors from some 20 countries. The papers are grouped into 8 topics including Precambrian evolution, Phanerozoic intreplate dynamics, sedimentology and stratigraphy, mineral deposits and metallogeny, Quaternary climatic and environmental change, Quaternary geology and paleolimnology, hydrogeology and hydrology and geophysics. The volume contains numerous texts, which bring now data and ideas on the various aspects of Northeast African geology. The book will be interest to structural geologists, geochemists, petrologists, sedimentologists, stratigraphers, hydrogeologists and researchers in Quaternary geology and paleoclimatology. It will also be an essential reference resource for all researchers interested in Northeast African geosciences.