Gender in Organizations: Are Men Allies or Adversaries to Women's Career Advancement?

Diversifying the workforce is becoming increasingly important, with gender equality being a central feature of overall equality. Men seem to be part of the problem and a necessary part of the solution. This collection ties these themes together in the context of talent management and organizational effectiveness. Talented women continue to have difficulty advancing their careers in organizations wordwide. Organizations and their cultures were created by men, for men and reflect the wider patriarchal society. As a consequence, some women are disadvantaged and face barriers to advancement. Burke and Major present an examination of men, masculinity and gendered organizational cultures to get both a better understanding of why women have made such slow progress and ways in which men can become allies and champions of women, supporting their advancement and workplace equality. By taking an unusual approach to the subject of gender equality, this topical book will be a refreshing read for students and academics. It will be of great use to human resource practitioners, managers, policymakers and employers at every level.