Gardeners' World: Gardening from Berryfields

Gardening from Berryfields is an invaluable book for gardeners of all levels and, in particular, to the viewers of BBC2's Gardeners' World. Using the main projects undertaken at Berryfields (the Gardeners' World garden) the book guides the reader through a year of gardening, giving practical advice so that they can use Berryfields as a template for managing their own garden. Now available in paperback, the book cleverly distills all the information that is packed into each episode of Gardeners' World and draws on the immense horticultural experience of Monty Don, the show's main presenter. The book is divided into 13 chapters covering subjects such as the kitchen garden, courtyard garden, dry garden, herb garden, mixed borders, pond, orchard, and wildflower meadow. Monty Don is a gardening columnist with the Observer, has presented several gardening programmes and has written numerous books on the subject.