Fuhrwesen Und Pferdehaltung Im Alten Agypten: 2. Uberarbeitete Und Erweiterte Auflage. Herausgegeben Und Mit Einem Forschungsuberblick Fur Die Jahre 1989-2005 Versehen Von Peter Raulwing

This volume is the first monographical approach toward interdisciplinary aspects of land transport in New Kingdom Egypt including, equids used as draught animals. The edition analyzes the original findings of chariots, typologies of horses and chariots, as depicted in wall paintings, reliefs and other archaeological remains. It is richly illustrated with over 120 plates, 30 photographs and maps. A special focus is drawn to the organization of horses and chariots, the manufacturing of chariots, and their components. The final chapter deals with socio-historical aspects of horses and chariots and hypothesis discussed in chariotry research. An updated research overview including an enlarged bibliography informs us about current trends on the Egyptian and Near Eastern horse and chariot complex.