Freshening Breezes: Fishing Boats of Cleveland and North Yorkshire

With dramatically diverse terrain and spectacular scenery, the Cleveland and North Yorkshire area has long had a strong fishing industry, and marine employment and pastimes remain common in the locality. All across this coastline, many places have supported small-scale artisanal fisheries and over time boats have evolved to cope with a variety of fishing techniques and local environment conditions, as well as changing economic circumstances. This book tells the story of the fisherfolk, boats and builders along the storm-lashed stretch of north-east England between the rivers Tees and Esk in the mid to late twentieth century. Based on her original fieldwork, and including more than 170 stunning photographs, all taken by the author herself, as well as interviews with fishermen and boat builders, Gloria Wilson describes how these knowledgeable people maintained traditional values and yet were ready to try something new. From curiously shaped square-sterned cobles, via little 'double enders', right through so the stout, steel trawlers built locally in Whitby by one of Britain's foremost boatbuilding yards, Parkol Marine Engineering, all manner of boats are explored and pictured here. Whether for the beautiful photography or the fascinating information, this is a book no local or fishing enthusiast can do without.