Formulas for Flavour: How to Cook Restaurant Dishes at Home

Imagine having a Michelin-starred chef as your best friend. Someone who would share your love of good food, reveal the tricks that took him to the top of his profession, and happily divulge the culinary expertise that would guarantee all your dishes really work. Meet John Campbell, a Michelin-starred chef at the country house estate and spa, Coworth Park. Here he distills years of hard work and meticulous study in the gastronomic arts and sciences into a concise selection of foolproof gourmet recipes that lovers of fine dining can enjoy at home. Your tastebuds - and those of your guests - will thrill to the exciting combinations of quality ingredients on John's menus, but best of all, he takes you step by step through every stage of each dish's execution, explaining not only what to do when cooking, but how and why. Soon you will be as relaxed and confident in the kitchen as he is, producing dinner parties that are the envy of friends and well on the way to developing your own signature dishes.