Forging a Common Legal Destiny: Liber Amicorum in Honour of William E. Butler

Every country has its own history, realistic conditions and aspirations. Each has to adopt a particular policy and tactics for the pursuance of happiness. Some countries may be fortunate and develop smoothly, whereas others may be less fortunate and be obliged to follow a more difficult path. To understand another country's history, culture, and path of development is not an easy matter. Most laymen merely perceive distinctions at the surface and therefore exclude more profound insights from their range of vision. Only real scholars, with their qualities of rationalisation, toleration, intelligence, insight, and diligence through practical and realistic exploration are able to see the true situation in the developmental process of each country. Comparative lawyers build bridges between people from different countries who have their own history, culture, values and ideology. They help people to understand one another; to coexist in peace, to share the resources of the globe, and to search for common points and cooperative opportunities. This is so vital for the peace and prosperity of the world. Professor Butler has taught and researched for decades and has contributed much in this field. Today his students are all over the world, and his books are popular in every large library. This book is a personal tribute, a collage of memories and recollections in honour of William E Butler.