Forewarned: Extraordinary Irish Stories of Premonitions and Dreams

Forewarned - the follow-up to Colm Keane's No. 1 bestseller Going Home and The Distant Shore - is a riveting collection of stories concerning premonitions and predictive dreams. Featuring 60 real-life stories, the book recounts dark tales of deaths, car crashes and ill health, along with brighter tales including lottery wins. Did you ever have a feeling that something bad was going to happen? Perhaps you dreamt of a future event? Maybe you had a 'gut feeling' that something momentous was about to occur? Most people, at some time in their lives, have experienced a forewarning of the future. It may reveal itself as a sense of unease. Alternatively, it may be more intense and involve a terrifying foreboding. Perhaps it brings good news. Forewarned is the first Irish study of this intriguing phenomenon. Crammed with fascinating stories, the book also presents the latest scientific evidence proving that the future is closer to our minds than we think.