Focus in Grade 7: Teaching with Curriculum Focal Points

Focus in Grade 7: Teaching with Curriculum Focal Points describes and illustrates learning paths for the mathematical concepts and skills of each grade 7 Focal Point as presented in Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics. It includes representational supports for teaching and learning that can facilitate understanding, stimulate productive discussions about mathematical thinking and provide a foundation for fluency with the core ideas. This book also discusses common student errors and misconceptions, reasons the errors may arise and teaching methods or visual representations to address the errors.Because learning paths cut across grades, related Focal Points for grades 6 and 8 have been included to describe and clarify prerequisite knowledge and show how the grade 7 understandings build on what went before.Focus in Grade 7, one in a series of grade-level publications, is designed to support teachers, supervisors and coordinators as they develop and refine the mathematics curriculum.