Flexible Electronics 2004 - Materials and Device Technology: Volume 814

Flexible electronics is a multidisciplinary research topic which covers the entire spectrum, from materials and processes for manufacturing thin layers of organic and inorganic semiconductors, dielectrics and other functional layers on thin and flexible substrates, to dedicated concepts and design methods for implementing complete electronic systems on flexible substrates. Specifically, this includes research and development in the fields of flexible interconnects, organic and inorganic TFT processes and displays, and sensor and photovoltaics concepts. All must find compatibility with the constraints of flexible substrates, such as low thermal budget, low dimensional stability and mechanical stresses. The synergy between materials, device and system technologies will be the primary driver for pushing large-area flexible electronics and optoelectronics into mass-market applications with bright commercial prospects. While the primary emphasis of the book is on materials and device technologies, several presentations focus on business aspects of flexible electronics. Topics include: silicon TFT processing and characteristics; flexible Si TFT circuits; organic TFTs; flexible displays - OLEDs; and organic electronics and optoelectronics.