Flatweaves of Turkey

Bandsma and Brandt regard the flatweaves of the nomadic and village women in Turkey to have the most varied and innovative designs, and to be among the most beautifully colored of all weavings. The advent of synthetic dyes and commercialism, among other factors, are blamed for the destruction of these traditional skills.A wide range of kilim types from diverse regions of Turkey are illustrated and discussed, along with a selection of bags and cushions. The authors relate the weavings to the various groups which made them and examine the origins of the Turkic and Kurdish elements of the population. As an essential part of their past, the nomadic lifestyle also comes under scrutiny.Drawing on their years of collecting and restoration, the authors have provided an accurate account of the various weaving techniques, and have clarified some methods which are often wrongly described. There are sections devoted to the historical importance of textiles, the materials, and the sources of the dyes used to obtain the glorious colors of the past.