Flags of the World

The flag is a country's national symbol, and is far more than a mere banner, it reflects that country's independence, the citizens, and their social views. As such, a flag is treated with respect, defended, and given a military salute. As so much is bound up in that flag, it may also be ridiculed, defiled, and burned in protest. As a symbol of the pride of the people, the flag is imbued with a variety of emotions around the world. Many flags are remnants of the often-turbulent history of nations destroyed. This book explains 326 flags, of which 219 are national flags and additional flags of international organizations, including the UN, the EU, and the Red Cross. Each flag's historical background and significance are recounted, along with explanations of its colors and symbols. Informative statistics also provided additional information about the countries and nations flying these flags. This book is for anyone with a passion for international affairs or world history.