First Response: A Laboratory Health and Safety Chemical Expert System

First aid decisions made before professional medical help arrives in an emergency situation can be critical to the well-being of a victim. First Response is the resource to turn to when you need advice for emergency first aid response in the first few minutes after exposure to laboratory amounts of hazardous chemicals. This interactive program considers pertinent chemical and physical properties based on your responses to a few simple questions. It presents advice for exposure by inhalation, ingestion, and eye or skin contact. It also offers guidance on which types of respirators should be worn when working with a wide variety of chemicals. First Response was developed for the National Toxicology Program by occupational medical doctors, chemists, toxicologists, and industrial hygienists. It was used as the source of information for the National Toxicology Program's Chemical Database, Volume 5, and with its resident knowledge base, it can be used with any other databases or lists of chemicals to provide the same rapid, effective advice. Pull down help windows and automatic printing of advice reports make First Response quick and easy to use. The program also features automatic installation and is completely menu-driven. First Response is perfect for industrial hygienists, safety professionals, poison center personnel, industrial nurses, high school nurses, and university student treatment centers. Software requirements First Response will operate on IBM or IBM-compatible hardware with 640K RAM, a hard drive with a minimum of .5 MB of available disk space, and DOS 2.1 or higher.