Finding Funding: Grantwriting from Start to Finish, Including Project Management and Internet Use

'The authors introduce very valuable ideas//strategies with tips and guidelines that could make every grant proposal successful' - Joen Hendricks-Painter, Educational Consultant. 'It is a great reference to have for serious grantwriters' - Janet Hurt, Assistant Superintendent 'I think this is a wonderful grantwriting book filled with lots of examples and tips. The documentation that they included was very helpful, as well as the exhaustive listing of sources and internet sites' - Shari Weber, Principal This latest edition of the best-selling Finding Funding brings the reader up to date with the ever-changing technology and strategies of writing successful government, foundation, and private grants. With this significant update, the authors focus on the same winning strategy as the previous best-selling editions find people and organizations with money, target proposals effectively, and understand how to traverse the various terrains of funding agencies to find and obtain the funding you need. This book is an absolute necessity for any educator interested in winning grants for research, programs, or special projects.