Fifty Miles from Home: Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch

Paperback / softback
For more than a decade, photographer Linda Dufurrena has recorded with powerful eloquence the rugged, beautiful landscape of northern Nevada and the patterns of life on the Dufurrena family ranch in the Quinn River Valley. Over 100 of her finest photographs are collected in book form. Accompanied by a brilliant essay by her daughter-in-law, geologist Carolyn Dufurrena, that discusses the rhythms of the land and of life on the ranch, the photographs in Fifty Miles from Home vividly depict the heart of the West and its fabled ranch culture. Within the fifty-mile circle of territory over which the Dufurrena family ranch operates-territory ranging from the edges of the barren Black Rock Desert to high, aspen-filled mountain basins-Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena follow the annual cycle of ranch work and the seasonal changes of the surrounding landscape. Life in this remote Nevada backcountry is shaped by the challenges of the austere Great Basin desert around the ranch and by the time-honored skills of generations of ranch families. And around the ranch, in every direction, are vistas of breathtaking beauty as the natural landscape evolves through the seasons, as flowers bloom and storms pass overhead.