Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls

The fourth book in the successful ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS series features the hilarious return of this beloved cast of characters, but this time recast as fairy tale heroines. Kim, the angry little Asian girl, stars in SNOW YELLOW AND THE SEVEN SHORT MEN. Deborah, the disenchanted princess, stars in THE PRINCESS GOT THE THIRD DEGREE (THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA). Maria, the crazy little Latina, stars in HE'S NO BEAUTY IN THE LEAST (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). Wanda, the fresh soul sistah stars in RAPSPUNSWELL. And Xyla, the gloomy girl, stars in LITTLE MISS WEARS A HOOD. Filled with Lela Lee's culturally charged wry humor, this clever collection of new comics proves that there's an angry little girl inside of everyone.