Evidence Law, A Student's Guide to the Law of Evidence as Applied in American Trials

Series: Hornbook
In clear and engaging prose that makes concepts accessible without oversimplification, it explains the Federal Rules, selected state variations, major cases, essential doctrines, and important underlying policies. Frequent practical examples drawn from courtroom practice introduce students to courtroom procedure, provide a context in which evidence problems arise, and acquaint them with the language of the courtroom. This volume can serve as background for beginning students and as a one-stop refresher for those taking advanced courses. Professors can assign various sections to track the syllabus or simply recommend this book as useful background reading. The treatise provides a valuable resource for students taking trial advocacy who will benefit from a courtroom-focused approach to their review of evidence. Throughout the volume, the examples, which often take the form of attorneys' attempts to introduce evidence, illustrate practical applications of the rules. T