Everything But Teaching: Planning, Paperwork, and Processing

'I wish I'd had this book forty years ago when I first started teaching. Everything But Teaching, with its moving anecdotes, pragmatic examples, and incisive observations, is the teacher's version of the Boy Scout Handbook-the ideal guide for teaching purposely without getting lost or sidetracked. It is perfect for new teacher orientation and veteran teachers' -Patrick F. Bassett, President , National Association of Independent Schools 'Stephen Valentine knows teaching through and through. Here he packs a huge message into a short space. I urge anyone who cares about schools, students, learning, or teaching to read this gem of a book' -Edward Hallowell, Consultant The Hallowell Center Every teacher knows that what happens before and after class is as important as what happens during class. This accessible resource gives all teachers indispensable tips for managing professional priorities outside the classroom and saving energy for the most essential part of their work: teaching students. Real-life vignettes, planning sheets, and other templates, illustrate how to master the multitasking demands of the teaching life, including: - Planning time wisely - Tailoring grading practices to provide clear feedback - Holding productive meetings with students, parents, or colleagues - Keeping and using records effectively - Corresponding with grace, tact, and detail - Processing information and refining procedures - Embracing new professional learning opportunities