Every Day a Holiday: Celebrating Children's Literature throughout the Year

Paperback / softback
Every Day A Holiday: Celebrating Children's Literature throughout the Year matches quality children's books with each day of the year to provide a focus for story time. The lessons in this book will help children develop creative connections between reading and the world around them, introducing them to many other people and places throughout the world. All of the books included in this collection are picture books or illustrated nonfiction books; however, they are not all limited to the interest of the preschool or early elementary school child. The holidays selected represent a wide range of cultural, religious, and legal holidays, special events, and wacky celebrations. The Resource Guide at the end of the book includes a complete listing of recommended children's books, general holiday reference books and children's literature guides. This book is designed for teachers, librarians, daycare workers, youth leaders, parents, and everyone who cares about children and wants to enrich children's lives with books.