Essential Websites for Educational Leaders in the 21st Century

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If you are striving to improve schools, you're an educational leader. It doesn't matter what your formal position is, or what kind of school you're trying to make better, it's the effort to improve schools that puts you in a leadership position. Parents, teachers, students, administrators, graduate students, elected and appointed officials, agency staff, and concerned community members can all fit the definition. Educational leaders have voracious needs for information. On any given day, you might need instant access to resources that address curriculum, policy, grants, research, teaching, education news, law, technology, school finance, professional development, community relations, testing, or crisis and disaster intervention, just to name a few. In Essential Websites for Twenty-First-Century Educational Leaders James Lerman describes and gives instant access to more than 300 of the very best websites focused on the information needs of people working to improve schools. He identifies the 25 most vital categories of knowledge needed by educational leaders and gives the best of the Net in each category. Readers will find this book a treasure trove of exceptionally high quality information, guidance, support, resources, and tools-all organized for easy access and immediate usefulness. Essential Websites also includes a CD-ROM that enables users to jump immediately from the book's table of contents right to the corresponding chapter and from each listed website out instantly to its live location on the Internet. What could take you hours or days to search for in the past, if you could locate the information at all, can now be found in seconds.