Essays on Cuban History: Historiography and Research

A book of immense utility to those who are, or plan to become, students and scholars of Cuban history and society. . . . Both an overview and a handbook combined into one accessible, well-written volume. --Rebecca J. Scott, University of MichiganReflecting three decades of study of one of the most respected scholars of Cuba in the Unied States, these essays examine some of the central issues of historical research of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Cuba. The first section sets in relief many of the principal themes of Cuban studies, including Protestant missionary activity, the U.S. interventions in 1898, Cuban emigration to the United States, and the development of the Cuban armed forces after 1959. The second section examines the historical literature itself, especially works written in Cuba and the United States in the last thirty-five years. It looks at the trends in the literature, with emphasis on the ways that historical writing has arrived at an understanding of the Cuban past. The third section offers a guide to some of the larger research collections, specifically those repositories of important manuscript collections and archival records relating to Cuba. It includes a description of the Cuban National Archives, missionary manuscript collections, and records of the U.S. government. Contents Part I. History Intervention and Collaboration: The Politics of Cuban Independence, 1898-1899 Cubans in Tampa: From Exiles to Immigrants, 1892-1901 The Imperial Design: Politics and Pedagogy in Occupied Cuba, 1899-1902 North American Protestant Missionaries in Cuba and the Culture of Hegemony, 1898-1920 Reminiscences of a Lector : Cuban Cigar Workers in Tampa Ybor City Remembered Army Politics in Socialist Cuba, 1959-1969 Part II. Historiography Scholarship and the State: Notes on History of the Cuban Republic U.S.-Cuban Relations: A Survey of Twentieth-Century Historiography In the Service of the Revolution: Two Decades of Cuban Historiography, 1959-1979 The Cuban Revolution after Twenty-Five Years History, Historiography, and Cuban Studies Part III. Research The Archivo Nacional de Cuba Record Collections of the Cuban National Archives La Guerra Libertadora Cubana de los Treinta Anos, 1868-1898 Cuba Materials in the Bureau of Insular Affairs Library Protestant Missionaries in Cuba Research Perspectives on the Cuban Revolution: A Twenty-Five-Year Assessment Louis A. Perez, Jr., is J. Carlyle Sitterson Professor of History at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Among his many books are Slaves, Sugar, and Colonial Society: Travel Accounts of Cuba, 1801-1899, Cuba and the United States: Ties of Singular Intimacy, 1770s-1980s, Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution, and Cuba Under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934, which received a Choice outstanding academic book award.