Elementary Physical Education Assessment and Curriculum: A Practical Guide

Assessments are a part of a physical educator's daily life. But most teachers struggle to find enough time to analyze their curriculum and develop assessments to track students' learning. Enter Elementary Physical Education Teaching & Assessment: A Practical Guide, Second Edition. This guide is designed to make the assessment process not only easier but also more manageable. Assessment becomes not a burden in a teacher's life but an essential teaching tool that assists students in learning what they need to learn--and indeed can motivate and challenge them to take charge of their learning. This book, greatly expanded and revised from its original publication as Teaching for Outcomes in Elementary Physical Education, will help teachers - plan and implement school- or district-wide curriculum based on the latest NASPE (National Association for Sport and Physical Education) Standards (2004); - create their own assessment tools; - understand, develop, and use alternative methods of assessment; - assess program effectiveness and students' progress toward understanding and acquisition of movement and fitness concepts and skills; and - design and use rubrics for each assessment task. In addition, teachers using this guide will learn to - streamline and manage their day-to-day assessment tasks and paperwork, applying the technology most suited to assist them; - interpret and communicate assessment results effectively; and - make assessments an integrated part of their program. In Elementary Physical Education Teaching & Assessment: A Practical Guide, Second Edition, teachers will discover tips for handling paperwork, tools for communicating with parents, and practical guidance on coordinating teaching and assessment and dealing with grading issues. In addition, they will find more sample rubrics, more assessment tasks, and more curriculum ideas. Dozens of reproducibles complete the most comprehensive and practical book available on assessment in elementary physical education.