Electrical, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids

This book about electrical, electronic and magnetic properties of solids gives guidance to understand the electrical conduction processes and magnetism in a whole range of solids: ionic solids, metals, semiconductors, fast-ion conductors and superconductors. The experimental discussion is enriched by related theories like the free electron theory and the band theory of solids. A large spectrum of topics is presented in this book: Hall effect, magnetoresistance, physics of semiconductors, functioning of semiconductor devices, fast-ion conduction, classical and modern aspects of superconductivity. The book explains the magnetic properties of solids and theoretical and experimental aspects of the various manifestations of magnetism, dia-, para-, ferro-, antiferro- and ferri-magnetism. The consideration of magnetic symmetry, magnetic structures and their experimental determination completes the spectrum of the book. Theories, techniques and applications of NMR and ESR complete the analytical spectrum presented. Some of these topics are not represented in standard books. Each topic is thoroughly treated. There are historical remarks and a discussion of the role of symmetry in the book. The book lays great emphasis on principles and concepts and is written in a comprehensive way. It contains much new information. This book complements an earlier book by the same authors (Atomistic properties of solids - Springer, 2011).