El Viaje Estadounidense: Reconstruccion Hasta el Presente

New Page 1 The American Journey Reconstruction to the Present is the last half of The American Journey and begins in 1864 (Unit 6). There is a two chapter review Prologue from pre-exploration to Reconstruction. The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Citizenship Handbook are also included. Paired with The American Republic to 1877, the two books create a seamless two-year scope and sequence for middle school. Its unparalleled author team, including National Geographic, ensures accuracy in every detail of the narrative, maps, and charts. - Foldables--student-made three-dimensional graphic organizers--are a unique strategy that helps students read effectively and also can be used as assessment or study tools. - A Guide to Reading, Reading Checks, and a Summary in every chapter keep students on track as they learn to read for information and process what they've read. - TIME Notebooks allow students to step into the past, learning about everyday life in various periods and the hot topics of different eras. - National Geographic's Geography and History features show students how geography and events intertwine to create the history of a location or nation. - The program emphasizes skill development--from reading maps to analyzing primary and secondary sources to exploring the connections between history and geography, economics, government, citizenship, and current events.